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Gameloft announces two full free games that will come with the Archos GamePad 2 tablet

Usually we end up seeing a Gameloft title appearing on the occasional Android device when a new one hits store shelves. This also is usually a demo version most of the time. However that will be changing with the upcoming GamePad 2 from Archos as Gameloft will have two full free games pre-installed onto the upcomin gaming centric tablet.

There are two gaming focused tablets, soon to be three with Nvidia’s on the horizon, trying to get your money. These tablets are the Wikipad and the Gamepad 2 and the major difference between the two tablets, aside from some hardware specs, happens to be the controls. While the Wikipad has removable controls that you can take off when you’re not gaming, the GamePad series of tablets have them built right into the tablet itself.

We got to try an early prototype of the GamePad 2 during CES 2013 and while most of the controls worked well, we weren’t too happy with the thumb joysticks. However this isn’t about the tablet itself or our early impressions of it. What this is about is Gameloft having two full free pre-loaded games that will be arriving with the GamePad 2 tablet. These two games will be Asphalt 8: Airborne and Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour, both usually paid games with Asphalt 8: Airborne coming in at $0.99 while Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour weighs in at $6.99.

This announcement of two free games from Gameloft comes right in time with the official announcement for the Archos GamePad 2 tablet which we will be covering in the very next article so stay tuned!

Website Referenced: Gameloft YouTube

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