Author: Joshua Barsody

Game News

Pre-register for Diablo-esque Action-RPG Shadowblood Now

The awesome action-RPG Shadowblood is coming to Western audiences and pre-registration has now opened. By signing up players will receive in-game loot on launch day. The story is that long ago on the continent of Narr, the gods created the lands and a peacekeeping dragon named Arcand was set as watcher over it. In time Arcand grew lonely and wishing to see his creators again performed a summoning ritual. Things went awry and when the gate opened the dark god Belzav escaped. For a thousand years they battled before Akande triumphed over the evil Belzav. Not all was well though. Before being sealed away, Belzav cursed Arcand by linking their souls.

Game News

Color Perception Puzzle Game I Love Hue Will Finally Arrive in January 2017

Zut Games have developed a peculiar puzzle game involving the rearrangement and organization of tiles on colored mosaics into ordered spectrums titled I Love Hue. I Love Hue was designed specifically for seeking serenity with no timers, no move limits, or punishments for failing to find solutions.  Its beautiful minimalism is meant as a gentle and relaxing experience for players to sink into.

Game News

Calorie Consuming Clicker Gotta Eat Them All Now Available on Android

The goal of Animoca Brands’ bizarre new clicker game is to fill the glutinous Leon’s gullet in a search for salivary satisfaction.  Players need to help Leon’s Holiday mission by tapping as fast as possible to gorge on as much culinary cuisine as possible in order to gain ample weight.  Because, as we all know, the Holidays were made for stuffing ourselves with as much food as humanly possible.

Game News

Orangepixel’s Post-Apocalyptic “Ashworld” Set for Early 2017 Release

Formerly known as Project Ragelaw, the one-man development team Orangepixel has finally settled on an official title for his new game- Ashworld. Taking its inspiration from Mad Max, the arcade action and story of Ashworld takes place in an open world desert wasteland, which is broken up between 3 factions of characters- the good guys, the Ragers (bad guys who find pure enjoyment in acts of death and destruction), and Skellies (essentially nocturnal zombies).

Game News

Escape a Mysterious Tower in Zelda-esque Action-RPG Game The Fable of Ruby

Hyunmin Ryu’s one-man indie development team, R2Road Studio, has brought us a Legend of Zelda styled, action-RPG game called The Fable of Ruby. Peaceful laboratory worker Ruby is beset by calamity on the job in a mysterious tower.  In order to overcome this crisis she embarks on an adventure fraught with peril.  Ruby must make her way through the tower, defeating monsters, collecting loot, and heroically saving the day.