DiCaprio Inception Movie Game

DiCaprio’s new movie Inception is on it’s way to theaters (July 16th if you were curious) and with that a new game based on the movie is available for your phone. Built with Unity3D, Inception Mind Game offers up 3D action and strategy all rolled into one title. There is one catch though, it is exclusively for Droid and Droid Incredible phones (via Verizon). Everyone else is out of luck.

Inception is a maze strategy game with action all mixed up in this title and coated with some 3D graphics thanks to Unity3D and their newest addition their lineup, Unity3D for Android.

Inception Mind Game is a top-down 3D game where you set a course from point A to point B, essentially and eventually making a maze which will somehow extract important information from your target. Once the course is set, the city map comes on and you have to then get to point A to point B as fast as you can while avoiding certain people.

There are different versions of this game available with more elaborate gameplay and different graphics. While this game is exclusively for Droid and Droid Incredible owners via the Android market, the rest of the Android world can play the game via the web. You’ll be required to install the Unity3D player which is a browser plug-in and works with most major browsers.

If you have a Droid or Droid Incredible go grab the game and try it out, let us know what you think of it or even better, make a gameplay video! It is available now for free.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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