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Alto’s Odyssey Sequel Laya’s Horizon is Out Now on Android

Laya surveying the world in Laya's Horizon

Alto’s Adventure and Odyssey sequel Laya’s Horizon has just launched on Android courtesy of Netflix. It sees you take to the skies as the eponymous Laya as you explore a captivating world.

There’s plenty that’s familiar about Laya if you’ve played one of the previous two entries. The world has that painterly look, even if it is delivered in fully 3D.

But in terms of gameplay, everything’s changed. Rather than see you snow, sand, or grassboard your way around an environment, it Lay’s Horizon expands the wingsuit mechanics of the previous entries.

Laya’s Horizon

The gameplay is inspired by real life wingsuiting. You use your left and right thumbs to directly control each of Laya’s arms, steering, performing boosts, rising, and diving.

Using a combination of the above, you complete obstacle courses and gathering collectables. There are over 40 challenges to complete, too, which reward you with new capes and charms, providing you with new, or improved, abilities.

There’s much more to the experience than just flying though. As a game set in the Altoverse (calling it now), you can expect to explore a bunch of different environments, meet a diverse cast of characters, and enjoy the whimsical music on offer.

Netflix Has Been Busy

Laya’s Horizon is the latest game to arrive courtesy of Netflix, which has been busy expanding its mobile releases. Recent titles include Oxenfree II, Raji: An Ancient Epic, and Dust and Neon.

Netflix also has big plans for the future, recently hiring the Halo writer for a new, as-of-yet unannounced game project. Learn more about that right here on Droid Gamers.

Grab Laya’s Horizon on Android via Google Play. You do need a Netflix account to play, but the initial download is free.

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