More Sony Madness – Job Posting Changed

Recently we broke news about a job listing over at Sony Playstation for a Senior Server Engineer and had one of the requirements listed as “Experience in Mobile Development, Specifically Android a plus”. Well it seems that after we broke the story and word spread to numerous sites, Sony got wind and has changed the actual job listing!

Now the job posting lists on that line “Experience in Mobile Development a plus”. Big change which leads us to wonder about the rumored PSPgo Android phone is a reality. Between Engadget sources and our sources confirming that indeed it exists, the location of the job and Sony in general which Phandroid pointed out, the job listing being changed and finally Sony Ericsson saying they have a “big surprise in the next few months” for everyone in the near future…it seems as though a PSPgo phone could very well happen in the rumored time line of later this year.



Whether it is a PSPgo phone or perhaps some sort of Playstation Network type of thing, possibly exclusive to the Xperia series of phones (why?) or perhaps it’s a new Android phone altogether, it will be interesting to see what comes out of all of this. One thing is for sure though, Sony is trying very hard to keep it under wraps. If you missed our original article you can find it here.

Have no fear though, we will stay on top of this until we find out one way or another what is going on. So what does everyone else think?

Ericsson Announcement Source: Engadget

Playstation Job Change Source: SE-Xperia

Playstation Job Listing: Playstation Jobs

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