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Arriving Today: Strike Wing: Raptor Rising – Crescent Moon Games Space Fighting Simulator

Crescent Moon Games is on a roll with another release this week. This time, in collaboration with Dream Builder Studios, the result is a fluid space fighting simulator where you explore the depths of space in search of what took place during the Sirius Incident.  The Sirius Incident is described as the largest friendly fire engagement in history. As part of a black ops team, you will pilot your spacecraft into dangerous territory to find out the truth.


Ouya Game Watch: Ravensword: Shadowlands, Shadowgun and Towerfall

With Ouya going on sale on public retail outlets, and selling it rather quickly, there are plenty of games getting added to the line-up of available titles at launch. In fact there are plenty of them to choose from but a few of the newest additions to the line-up are some that you’ll probably want to check out right off the jump. While we have talked about plenty of games in the past that will be available at launch today, here are three more notable ones.