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Square Enix sneaks Dragon Quest II onto Google Play

With the Final Fantasy series coming to a halt for mobile devices for the next little while, except for maybe the odd spin-off game, Square Enix is continuing to push their other popular RPG series called Dragon Quest onto mobile as well. So far we have had Dragon Quest VIII, I and IV available on Google Play but Square Enix silently released Dragon Quest II onto Android the other day.


It appears that Dragon Quest VIII is the first title to head onto Android this month

It appears that Square Enix is looking to possibly capitalize on the holiday season and the popularity of their recently announced second franchise that will be coming to mobile called Dragon Quest. If you missed out on our previous posts, basically Square Enix has said that the Final Fantasy franchise won’t be continuing after the release of Final Fantasy VII for mobile devices in the immediate future.


Square Enix on Final Fantasy VII for mobile – Don’t expect it to arrive for a long time

Over the course of the last week and a half we have had the pleasure of reporting on lots of Square Enix news regarding Final Fantasy as well as some of their other franchises like most of their Dragon Quest series. When we reported that Final Fantasy VI was heading to mobile this Winter we also mentioned that Final Fantasy VII had promising prospects in regards to arriving onto mobile in the near future. That near future seems to be longer than we had hoped… a lot longer actually.