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Holidays are wrapping up, what did you get this year?

The trees were lit and houses decorated in lights, presents opened and Android devices given to children and adults alike. Christmas is over for everyone and boxing is today if you’re in Canada so good luck to everyone dealing with the crowds in the stores up there. While it is all about the spirit of giving, let’s be real, we love to get stuff as well.


Editorial: OUYA – The first step into the next generation.

So, all the news and commotion about the OUYA and it’s supposedly magical, revolutionary controller got me thinking about what actually using the OUYA would be like. In the promotional video, the footage shows Yves Behar and the design team working on the controller for OUYA. From what was shown, it seems like there is a ton of hard work, large amounts of care and smart design going into the feel and ergonomics of the controller.