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Call of Duty Elite app updated to support Black Ops II, includes live streaming.

Two days ago Call of Duty fans were finally able to get their hands on the next installment in the Call of Duty: Black Ops series of games, appropriately named Black Ops II. Well along with this new release of Black Ops II, Activision have updated their Call of Duty Elite service to support their new Black Ops II game and that also means that the Elite application has also been update.


A sequel to the classic space trading sim Elite could make its way to mobile devices

Frontier Developments have started up a Kickstarter campaign to help getting a sequel to their rather popular classic space trading sim game called Elite which was originally released back in 1984. At the time Elite featured a revolutionary blend of 3D wire frame graphics and vast procedurally generated galaxies that had not really been accomplished before. Now they are looking to bring a sequel, called Elite: Dangerous, to PCs and David Braben of Frontier Developments has come out to say that they may bring the sequel to mobile devices should they hit/surpass their goal for their Kickstarter campaign.