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Razer says they are ‘doubling-down’ on Android TV

With news coming out yesterday that the Forge TV is no longer for sale on Google’s Store, everyone has been speaking the inevitable doom of the company’s set-top box. We mentioned it didn’t make sense that after Razer’s purchase of Ouya that they would just simply let their Android TV initiative die and that perhaps they were getting ready for a new release for the Forge TV or another similar device. As it turns out, that could be exactly what they are doing.


Razer’s ForgeTV pre-orders show up on Amazon for $149

Back during CES 2015 we got to check our Razer’s upcoming set top box called ForgeTV as well as the peripherals that it will be supporting. Since then Razer has been working to get this new set top box into consumer’s hands as soon as possible and it looks like that will be happening soon as pre-orders have appeared on Amazon for a Razer ForgeTV bundle.


[CES2015] Hands-on with Razer’s Forge TV, Sevral Controller and Turret Lapboard

Today Razer announced their solution to bringing PC and Android games to the big screen with their Forge TV set top box. The company is describing this as a game and entertainment console since it isn’t just made for straight gameplay but also to use services like Netflix, YouTube, and other more entertainment based applications. Along with the unveiling of Forge TV, Razer also unveiled their new Bluetooth controller called Serval and the Turret Lapboard and mouse combo.