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Day of the Tentacle Review: An excellent romp through time

LucasArts is one of those studios that I really appreciate. Twenty some years ago, they released a string of excellent adventure games that went WAY outside of the bread and butter of Star Wars. Day of the Tentacle was one such game. Set up as the sequel to Maniac Mansion, Day of the Tentacle carries over many (though not all) of its characters, and takes place five years later. I really enjoyed this game when I was in High School, and was thrilled to be able to play it again over the last few weeks, via GeForce Now.


Tormentum Review: A short but engaging adventure in a land of nightmares

Tormentum is a point-and-click adventure that recently got released onto Android. I think that the game’s selling point is the is the setting and atmosphere, as well as the puzzles and choices as it really delivers on dark and creepy. There’s other areas where it comes up short though, but those issues are nothing that destroy the experience, nor are they anything that can’t be fixed.


Super Heavy Sword Review: In short, don’t bother, at least not right now.

This is the type of review that I’m not happy to write. Super Heavy Sword is an extremely disappointing game, yet seems to have so much potential. For all I know, it very well could be living up to it, but the game has a bug that precludes me from getting far enough into the game, to really get a feel for what it could be; this is to say nothing of other critiques that I will offer as well. So here is my review, for what I could play.


Star Realms Game Review: A pretty decent TCG in a sea of similar games

Originally created by Rob Dougherty (Co-founder of Ascension) and Darwin Kastle, Star Realms is a card game that has been digitally converted to Android. Star realms is a fairly simple card game with a SciFi setting. This was the first time I’ve played a digital card game. Having enjoyed CCGs/LCGs/TCGs for years (I love even the smell of new cards… you die-hards will know what I mean), I was curious as to how the experience would translate to a touch screen. For the uninitiated, the idea is that you and your opponent(s) have a deck of cards that are custom to the game being played, with a framework of rules that cards can expand upon, as well as the cards taking the place of pieces, counters, and often times a board (such is the case here).