Tag: GeForce Now

Hardware News

Nvidia Shield will be available in Europe tomorrow. Also forms a new partnership with Google Fiber.

While the big news today regarding the Nvidia Shield Android TV is that GeForce Now will be launching tomorrow, that isn’t all of the news regarding Nvidia today. If you live in Europe, all you’ve really been able to do is stare at pictures of the Shield Android TV. Tomorrow that changes as well since the company has now made it available for European residents.

Game News

Nvidia’s gaming-on-demand service called GRID is now known as GeForce Now. Subscription service launches tomorrow.

If you own an Nvidia Shield branded device then you have probably at one point or another at least tried Nvidia GRID, which is the company’s cloud-based gaming-on-demand service. This is where Shield device owners can play PC or console games on their Shield device, without having to install them since it is through the cloud. Basically it is OnLive but better since it actually works well on mobile devices.