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Square Enix and Nvidia are teaming up for a number of releases in the near future on GeForce Now

In other Nvidia GeForce Now news, Tomb Raider isn’t the only Square Enix title being released on Nvidia’s game streaming service, as both companies have announced additional titles heading our way. While only four titles were specifically mentioned, those four titles were pretty big names and Square Enix is stated that there will be even more than those four.

Game News

Codemasters’ Military Sim Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising is Now Available on Nvidia Shield

Everyone loves a good first-person shooter with their tales of action, pantomime villains and awesome military hardware, but when the fictional fighting is over you might be left wanting something a little more authentic to modern day combat. That’s what Codemasters tries to deliver in Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, which is now available to stream on GeForce Now.

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Post-Apocalyptic Adventure, Submerged, Hits Nvidia Shield via GeForce Now

Submerged is an intriguing proposition: a post-apocalyptic adventure without the standard ingredients. There are no guns, there’s no blasted wasteland and no hideous mutants waiting to tear you limb from limb at every opportunity. Instead there’s an enormous flooded city to explore, filled with playful sea creatures to watch and derelict buildings to climb, making it a serene alternative to the likes of other games in its genre.