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Manage and expand your own transit station in Kairosoft’s newest release called Station Manager

Released by Kairosoft, Station Manager is the newest game in their sim/management franchise. We actually reported on this game heading to mobile devices earlier this week, so it is good to see Kairosoft launching a game they were teasing so quickly. In Station Manager, as you are probably guessing, players are tasked with overseeing the smooth operation of a transit station.


Skyforce Unite! Review – Does Kairosoft earn their wings with this new F2P title?

I cruise through the sky in my  jet. The rolling plains below me are nothing more than a green blur. I look to my left and see Carrie Potts, my trusty mercenary, flying beside me in her bright pink biplane. The fearful merchant who paid us for safe passage follows from afar. Suddenly the clouds break and the world shifts; It’s time for a battle. My battle anthem begins blaring through the speakers as I ready myself for my next foe – a beast of tremendous strength and a bloodlust that knows no rage. A giant… cactus?


Kairosoft finally releases their farming sim game Pocket Harvest internationally on Google Play

Back in July of this year we talked about a Kairosoft game themed around farming that had made an appearance on the Japanese Google Play store. Usually Kairosoft takes about a month or so to get the game out internationally after it appears on the Japanese Google Play store. For whatever reason this one took a bit longer but Pocket Harvest is now available for everyone to sink their time into.


3 more Kairosoft Games that might be coming to Android in the near future

Well it has been almost 3 months since the newest Japanese farming Kairosoft game was spotted in the Play Store and still no English version has come forward. However, a new game has been spotted on Kairosofts site so we know they have been busy working away on something. The latest game looks to be another management sim and this one looks like it is based on running a Social Network Gaming Company.