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Nexon brings its Dungeon Fighter franchise to Android with Dungeon Fighter Gunner

Nexon has brought another one of their online PC games to mobile, minus the online part that is. Dungeon Fighter Gunner has arrived on the Google Play store and is the first mobile addition to the Dungeon Fighter franchise which even features an online game for PC gamers to play. This particular game though is a completely new story while bringing all of the action from the online game to mobile.

Game News

Nexon’s Maple Story Live gets updated with new playable character, the Demon Slayer

The mobile version of the rather popular MMORPG Maple Story has gotten an update which is somewhat rather appropriate considering that Halloween is tomorrow. Nexon’s Maple Story Live has gotten a rather large content update thanks to the inclusion of a new playable character, the Demon Slayer. Because of this new character the people can play, there is a slew of new content surrounding this new character as well.