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Noodlecake releases Tower Dwellers Gold onto Android today

One company that seems to be in our news a lot lately is Noodlecake Games and today happens to be no except either with the release of Tower Dwellers Gold onto Android. If the name of this game sounds familiar, it is because Noodlecake also released the original version of Tower Dwellers onto Android as well back in October of last year. So Tower Dwellers Gold arrives almost on the original game’s one year anniversary.

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Noodlecake pirates their own premium game Shooting Stars

According to a blog post on their own site, Noodlecake has apparently decided to put forth a “pirated” version of their own game that’s already for sale. Considering they mention that, according to the analytics from the blog post, they only were paid for %11 of the copies of Wayward Souls that are being played (that they can track), it is understandable that they would want to make a statement.

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Beat the clock in the new puzzler from Noodlecake studios called Puzzle Blitz

Released by Noodlecake studios, Puzzle Blitz is a simple puzzle game that is similar to their previous release Puzzle Bits. What makes this different for players is that they will look to solve as many puzzles within three minutes as possible. Like Puzzle Bits, players are given a picture of the completed design, and then arrange graphically simple pieces into their proper positions, against a black backdrop.

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[UPDATE: Game Released] Noodlecake Games begins teasing Beatdown, a Double Dragon style game arriving next week

Noodlecake has begun teasing their next release which is another title made by Ravenous Games called Beatdown. This particular game is a side-scrolling brawler similar in style to past old school games like Double Dragon. The ironic part about this game is that our ‘hero’ isn’t actually a hero in some regards since his goal is to give his ex-boss a beatdown for firing him.