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Two new classes and a new dungeon have been added to Knights of Pen and Paper II

Released by Paradox Interactive, Knights of Pen and Paper II is a riff on pen and paper RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons. Players will control a party of heroes that embark on an adventure. Players will get to customize their party, who then sit at the table in full regalia, while a DM dictates the game, which is also controlled by you to a degree. Portions of the game are then visualized in the background while you make your way through your current adventure.


Paradox Interactive releases a new trailer for Knights of Pen & Paper 2, complete with 60FPS gameplay

Paradox Interactive has released a new trailer for their upcoming tabletop gaming inspired title Knights of Pen & Paper 2. This is the sequel to their original Knights of Pen & Paper game which we went hands-on with during GDC 2015 and found that it was quite a lot of fun. This sequel will also have plenty of improvement over the original include a much needed inventory system.


Paradox Interactive release new trailer for Leviathan: Warships (Best trailer ever)

Back in the beginning of February of this year we talked about a new naval warfare game that would be heading our way soon called Leviathan: Warships from Paradox Interactive. While we actually had quite a bit of the games features and details already, all we were lacking was a trailer to show off the gameplay. Paradox Interactive has rectified this issue and release what is probably one of the best game trailers ever.