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[Update: Game Released] Popular tabletop game Potion Explosion will be getting a digital port for Android devices next month

Asmodee Digital and Horrible Games have teamed up to bring a digital version of the popular tabletop game, called Potion Explosion, to Android devices in the near future. For those of you not familiar with this game, Potion Explosion is a pattern recognition puzzler style of game designed in which players reveal their inner wizard skills.

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[Update: Game Released] Color Perception Puzzle Game I Love Hue Will Finally Arrive in January 2017

Zut Games have developed a peculiar puzzle game involving the rearrangement and organization of tiles on colored mosaics into ordered spectrums titled I Love Hue. I Love Hue was designed specifically for seeking serenity with no timers, no move limits, or punishments for failing to find solutions.  Its beautiful minimalism is meant as a gentle and relaxing experience for players to sink into.

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Touch by Touch is all about matching blocks and killing monsters

DollSoft has released their new game onto Android called Touch by Touch, which is an arcade puzzler of sorts. Players will be presented with a play area where certain blocks will show up as specific colors. Once you see a line of the same colored blocks, you will need to connect all of them to attack your opponent. However, you will need to connect them in the order that they showed up.

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Remove dots in the proper order to solve puzzles in Blyss, now out on Google Play

Released by ZPLAY, Blyss is a new puzzler for the Android platform. In this game, players will be tasked with eliminating all the dots, in order to complete the level. The layout for a given level is fairly simple, in that players will be looking at a Material-esque outdoors scene, with a smattery of squares that vaguely resemble dominoes, as each one will have a number of dots on it.

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Here are Google’s Top 20 Finalists for the Google Play Indie Games contest

Google has gone through all of the submissions for the Google Play Indie Games Contest that was announced back in November 2016, and have finally picked out the Top 20 finalists who will move on to the next round of eliminations. Out of the 20 games selected, only 7 have yet to be released, which gives us a sort of heads up about a few upcoming games that must be titles to keep an eye out for.