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Advance human civilization by sliding and merging tiles in The Human Age, now in beta on Google Play

To be released by Noodlecake, The human Age is an upcoming match three/building hybrid game. Players wil be using a board that begins in a three by three grid to move tiles around, that are symbolic of different periods of human history. Once three of them have been brought into contact (not necessarily in a row, mind you), they will merge into a single tile that represents the next phase.

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[Update: Full Released] Link Twin soft launches in select regions on Samsung Galaxy devices, full launch coming in October

Developers going by the name Lorraine have soft launched their upcoming puzzle game Link Twin in select regions. However, not only is the game available in select regions, you will also need to own a Samsung Galaxy brand device to access it. If you don’t own one, you’ll have to wait like the rest of us, even if you do live in one of the soft launch compatible regions.

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Android Game Sale Round-Up: LEGO Batman, Quell series, Warlock’s Tower and more

It’s Friday which means it is time for another round-up of all the Android games currently on sale over on Google Play. While there isn’t a whole lot special with this upcoming weekend, there seems to be a lot of games on sale right now, with a lot of the titles being discounted are more along the lines of being franchises, such as a number of LEGO games or Bridge Constructor titles.

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Match tiles in order to defeat enemies in Tiles and Tales Puzzle-RPG, now out on Google Play

Released by Trilith – EGG, Tiles and Tales is a new entry into the growing catalog of hybrid puzzle/RPG games. In this game, players will be tasked with freeing the kingdom of Zanira from an invading army of Norbolds. This will be accomplished by sliding colored tiles around a board that is broken up into a five by five grid, with the color denoting what that tile can accomplish.

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Use numbers to fill in empty spaces in Fill Grid, now available from Google Play

Fill Grid is a simple puzzler that that has recently made its release on to the Android platform. In this game, players are simply given a grid that requires filling, beginning at a 5 x 5 size and eventually working its way up to 10 x 10. Each grid will be partially populated with numbers, from which players can extend one or more straight lines, to fill the number of squares requisite with that number.

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Hop aboard the Brave Train for some puzzling fun!

Vitaly Stepanoff of Artwork Games, has created a colorful and endearing game with Brave Train. If you enjoy Match 3 type games and a dash of Snake, then Brave Train will probably interest you. The game has a cute appeal, and plenty of achievements that will keep you coming back to this one. It is a game that young and old can play, so it checks the box for family fun.