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World War II, 30 seconds at a time – Preview of Luftrausers on the Shield Android TV console

Tired of games wasting your time with prologues, tutorials, and wordy explanations of where your next five objectives are? Would you prefer to immediately blast off into the sky, shooting every aircraft and warship you see until you explode, take a second to catch your breath, then launch your ship all over again? That’s what you’ll find in the premier shoot ’em up for the NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV (the system is available now starting at $199), the slice of pseudo World War II air combat known as Luftrausers.

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A quick guide for the new Shield game releases and for which devices they support

With the official launch of the Shield Android TV console, there has also been a few new games to be released alongside the console’s launch. However, not all of these new games are specifically for the Shield Console. Some of these titles are also for the Shield tablet, and there are even a few for all three Shield branded devices. Some of these games people have been waiting to play on their Shield Tablets and now that they are available, during the launch of the Shield Console, you might not be aware that you can play them on your tablet.

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[GoogleIO 2015] Nvidia announces AndroidWorks suite of tools to help developers make better Android games and apps

Nvidia has made a second announcement at Google I/O 2015 and while yesterday’s was the official launch of the company’s new Shield Android TV console, today’s announcement is for a new suite of tools called AndroidWorks. These tools have been designed to help developers make better Android games and is an expansion of Nvidia’s current suite of tools for PC game developers called GameWorks.

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NVIDIA’s Shield for Android TV has finally officially launched

As most of our readers are already aware, yesterday was the first day for Google’s annual developer conference. While many cool and exciting features were previewed for the upcoming “M” release, there were very few announcements that would impact gaming, save for the new version of Cardboard and for the new Shield set top box. According to NVidia, the new Shield unit will work for cord-cutters, viewing the web on a TV set, or gaming.

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Seven classic games getting revamped for the Nvidia Shield Android TV console which apparently launches tomorrow

NVIDIA’s new SHIELD Android TV is aiming to be the new king of the set-top boxes: an all-round entertainment system capable of displaying 4K video with 7.1 surround sound, and it also has a serious gaming pedigree. It comes with its own controller and enables you to stream games from NVIDIA’s GRID service in full HD and maximum graphical quality, or even from your own PC over your local network or across the internet. On top of that, though, is a range of hit games that have been revamped especially for the SHIELD, some of them you’ll doubtless already know, and some of which might be new to you. Here’s our guide to the first seven games getting a SHIELD makeover.