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Available Now in the Play Store: Tin Man Games Releases: Steve Jackson’s Appointment with F.E.A.R. Game Book Adventure

If you are looking for a high-quality Game Book Adventure, all you have to do is visit the Play Store and search for Tin Man Games. They have over twenty titles available to download. Known for their Fighting Fantasy adaptations, this time around, they chose to go a different route. They created an interactive graphic novel. You are the main character and you are a superhero in Titan City. Thus begins your foray into fighting crime and standing for justice in Steve Jackson’s Appointment with F.E.A.R.

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Tin Man Games releases a sequel to Slaves of Rema called the Sultans of Rema

Tin Man Games have started making sequels to some of their existing interactive RPG books and the newest one, which they have been teasing over the last couple of week and which is why Slaves of Rema has been on sale lately, is called the Sultans of Rema. This also marks the ninth Gameboo Adventures release, inching the company closer to the milestone of ten original Gamebook releases onto Android.

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Tin Man Games releases another interactive RPG book called Spellcaster: The Forgotten Spell

Tin Man Games is keeping up their momentum in celebration of their 5 year anniversary with the release of yet another interactive RPG book called Forgotten Spell. This new addition to their catalog doesn’t fall into the Fighting Fantasy franchise nor their own Gamebook Adventure series. However this is still just as good as any of their previous titles and comes with all the features you’d expect to find in a Tin Man Games release.

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Mid-Week Android Game Sale Round-Up: Sprinkle Islands, Heist The Score, Worms 2 and more

Now that there is a small break in all the events and shows going on this Fall we are able to get back to some of our ongoing series of articles such as rounding up all the Android games on sale during the middle of each week as well as the end of the week. This mid-week round-up has some pretty solid games on sale right now for anyone interested in picking up a game or two.