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Game News

[UPDATE: Game Released] Butterscotch Shenanigans announces an official release date for Crashlands. Congrats to Samuel on being cancer free!

Butterscotch Shenanigans has announced the official release date for their highly anticipated Crashlands game for mobile platforms. This game, which has been in the works for over 2 years now, will finally be getting released next month. That means there is still a bit of a wait left, but at least there is a definitive end to it.

Game News

Google FINALLY adds promo codes to the developer console for Google Play

One of the features that Google Play has been seriously lacking since its inception was the ability to use promo codes. Apple’s iTune store allows developers to make promo codes to give out copies of their games and apps, but it is something that Android has been missing all this time. Well it appears that Google has finally added the ability for developers to make promo codes as well through the developer’s console.

Game News

Remix OS 2.0 is now available for download, giving you an Android-filled OS for your PC

There have been a few options over the past few years with bringing Android to desktop PCs. This usually comes in the form of an emulator you run on your PC over Windows, and not as an actual operating system. Jibe has been working on the exact opposite of an Android emulator for PC, and they have been working on making an actual Android OS to use with your computer.

Hardware News

[CES2016] Sony’s press conference starts at 5pm and is available to watch here

Sony’s press conference this year at CES 2016 is probably going to focus a lot on the company’s upcoming Virtual Reality headset, the Playstation VR. As for mobile related goodness, there is a possibility we could see a new Android device announced. I’m personally going to say that instead of a new Android device, we will probably hear more about additional second screen technology being developed for Sony’s Android devices.