Glu’s Eternity Warriors 2 updated with full Google Play Games integration

While we won’t report on every single game that gets updated with the new Google Play Games service, we will try to keep everyone up to speed on which of their games will now have this service integrated. Glu has already begun adding Google Play Games to their titles and the first one to get these new features is Eternity Warriors 2.

So what features of Google Play Games now comes inside Eternity Warriors 2? Well, here’s the list!

– Achievements: Players can mark their greatest accomplishments and milestones.
– Social & Public Leaderboards: Powered by Google+, players can compete for the highest scores against friends around the world.
– Cloud Save: Game progress is now saved automatically to each player’s Google+ profile. Pick-up right where you left off, even if you’re on a different device!
– Real-time multi-player services: Compete with or against friends using Google+ Circles and auto matchmaking. Invite other warriors to compete in real-time!

If you happen to play Eternity Warriors 2, Glu Mobile has already pushed out the update today that brings Google Play Games integration to it. You can take a quick look at all the features in action in the gallery below.

Google Play Link: Eternity Warriors 2


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