DotEmu brings Another World: 20th Anniversary Edition over to Ouya

If you happen to be a fan of DotEmu, own an Ouya game console, and the retro games they have been bringing over to Android devices over the past couple of years then there is some good news for you today. The company today has announced that Another World: 20th Anniversary Edition has been released onto Ouya and is now available for download.

For those of you not familiar with this game, Another World has managed to earn itself quite the cult following. When the game was originally released it was definitely a unique title and ahead of its time. Today it is still a pretty unique title thanks to the gameplay mechanics it has. Your character only communicated through facial expressions, gestures and actions only.

Players will take control of Lester, making their way through each stage in an attempt to get back to your own planet. You do have a sidekick who happens to be an alien helping you out along the way. While this game starts off easy enough, it eventually gets very hard. Not only do the stages get harder as you progress through the game but you and your sidekick can’t take any damage either or you’re dead.

All three difficulties are available in the Ouya version of Another World and if you are wanting to grab the game to play on your Android-powered console, you can try it out for free before dropping the $3.99 to purchase the full game. The $3.99 price tag is only for a limited time to celebrate the game’s launch on Ouya. This marks the second game DotEmu has brought to Ouya, the first being Raiden Legacy. Let’s hope they keep bringing more.

Website Referenced: Another World – Ouya

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