Tomorrow is a big day with game releases and gaming news, here is what’s coming.

Thursday are pretty much the official Android mobile game release day. Actually it is like that for all mobile gaming but then again we only care about Android. We don’t usually do a post a day ahead of what’s being released tomorrow but considering how big tomorrow is shaping up to be, it actually warrants a post like this. There is a lot to be looking forward to this Thursday.

Tomorrow we will be getting some pretty big game releases, some of which we’ve been waiting for since January 2015 or even earlier. Gameloft will finally be releasing the next installment into the Dungeon Hunter franchise, that being Dungeon Hunter 5. While some people still have concerns about how the IAPs are going to be in this game due to how Dungeon Hunter 4 turned out, there is still a lot to look forward to when it comes to this game hitting Google Play. If you need a refresher on all the features coming in Dungeon Hunter 5, you can always check out our hands-on with this game from CES 2015.

Dungeon Hunter 5

Outwitters is another game hitting Google Play tomorrow, one that is a lot of fun but has flown under the radar on iOS for some reason. This game is actually getting completely overhauled for iOS and is being released for the first time on Android tomorrow. This means we get all the improvements to the game, officially titled Outwitters 2.0, when it arrives. It does come with cross-platform multiplayer as well. More details about this game will be coming later today or you can always check out our original post about Outwitters 2.0 coming to Android.

Noodlecake Games has another title heading our way tomorrow as well called Glorkian Warrior: The Trials of Glork which we actually reported about yesterday. This is a pretty ridiculous game combining the weirdness you generally find in Saturday Morning cartoons with a Galaga-style shooter. If you follow the world of comic books, acclaimed comic book artist James Kochalka is a part of this project which will cost you $2.99 tomorrow should you want to pick up a Flarf gun and start shooting aliens.


On the flip side of thing, the location-specific open beta for Snail Games’ Action-RPG title Taichi Panda will be ending tomorrow night, basically at midnight. So if you haven’t tried it out yet and live in Canada or Australia, you have about a day and a half left to do so. Downloading the game is free. The global launch of this game isn’t tomorrow though and will be happening closer to the end of March.

As for other games coming out tomorrow, there are plenty of them such as Table Tennis Touch which actually looks like it will be quite a lot of fun even if it is a Ping Pong game. Visually, Table Tennis Touch looks great as well from what we’ve seen already. Also the BAFTA awards ceremony will be tomorrow and you can watch them live on TwitchTV or here on DroidGamers as we will be syndicating it.

Table Tennis Touch

However tomorrow doesn’t just stop at the game releases. There is plenty of news we have been unable to post about until tomorrow due to embargoes. Most of it has been about what we saw during GDC 2015 and hands-on impressions regarding some really big games that we’ve already mentioned here on the site. We’ve been under embargo about our hands-on impressions regarding Cal of Champions, the upcoming MOBA by Spacetime Studios, Mortal Kombat X from Warner Bros and NetherRealm, and a couple of other games. All of that ends tomorrow.

So be prepared to read and relax, make sure you have some coffee ready, tomorrow is going to be a pretty big day for Android gaming.

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