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Retro Style Game P.O.D

Retro style games always bring back great memories from back in the day when we used to play Atari or, later on, the NES. Arcade games weren’t much different back then either with their simple but great looking graphics and gameplay. P.O.D. by OrangePixel is a great example of a retro style game to enjoy on your Android phone.

Game News

World of Bomb Bronze

World of Bombs Bronze, developer by Zeugame, is a Bomberman style real-time multiplayer game for your Android device. Still in it’s beta phase, the game features maps with power-ups where you can go against 3 other players, bombing everything including them in hopes that you come out on top as the winner and still alive.

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Droid Gamers Positions!

Hey everyone, we’ve hinted at this over the last month and even slipped a post in here and there about it. We have been growing so fast lately and with all the gaming news happening and game releases that it’s time to pick up a couple of people to join us here at Droid Gamers. So if you like talking and writing about games and gaming, read on…

Game News

Antigen Action/Puzzle Game

It has been over 6 months since we have seen a release from Battery Powered Games who have developed games such as Light Racer 3-D, Light Racer Elite and Wixel. However, during those 6 months they have been pretty busy developing their new game called Antigen which features OpenGL hardware acceleration, full music and sounds, and multitouch.

Game News

Elemental Galaxy

FightingFish Games, developers of the platform game Grave Digger, have released a new game called Elemental Galaxy. This is a match 3 of a kind type of game but with some very interesting twists. You match three elements that are the same by tapping on them at which point lines connect them and anything in the shape of those lines is destroyed as well.

Game News

Caligo Chaser Free

Only a few days ago we talked about a new Hack N’ Slash RPG called Caligo Chaser by Com2Us. So far it’s received a large amount of positive feedback and ratings which is good to see. We were confident in that title being a popular one. Com2Us released today a Free version for you to try before you buy the full version.

Game News

The Wolfman By Namco

A while back we posted an article about Namco’s commitment to developing and releasing games for Android devices and since then we haven’t really seen much of anything from the Namco camp when it comes to releases. However, it seems that has changed with their newest game dropping onto the Android market called The Wolfman.

Game News

World War Calculator

I know by posting this little tidbit of news that I’m just asking for an onslaught of people posting alliance codes in the comments but this utility will be widely used by just about every player of World War by Storm8. Developer Sebastien Le Ray has come up with a nifty little app that will surely make peoples lives a little less complicated when playing this game.


Super KO Boxing! 2 Tips

Here are some tips and tricks straight from Glu’s website that should help you out in case you need a bit of a boost when playing Super KO Boxing! 2. If you haven’t read or tried this game then feel free to check out our original article about this great boxing game. Remember though, this game is an 86MB download at run time to your SD Card, so be patient!

Game News

Super KO Boxing! 2

Glu Mobile, who has produced some really great games for Android since it’s beginning, has released Super KO Boxing! 2 onto the Android market. This game features some great graphics, signature moves, and different gameplay modes and comes in two flavors: Paid or Free. The Free version, however, is actually the full game just ad supported!