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Steam City Beta

Steam City, developed by OpenG, is a unique puzzle game where you control a weird looking rabbit-type creature through a multitude of puzzles, helping him find his way back home. This is definitely a different type of puzzle game compared to the rest out there in that you clear blocks of the same color by moving the rabbit over them.

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Pool Ninja Released!

Distinctive Games (a.k.a Distinctive Developments LTD) have been showing a lot of support lately with releasing some great games such as Hockey Nations 2010 and Rugby Nations 2009 and show no signs of slowing down and to prove this, Pool Ninja was just released onto the Android market which is a whole new take on the game of Pool.

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Google’s Gaming Commitment

It seems Google is still pushing forward to show their commitment to games and gaming on Android. First it was hiring a Game Developer Advocate for Android, then the purchase of LabPixies and now it is a job posting for a Product Management Leader For Games. This job is for a Google position and not completely dedicated to Android, although I’m sure it’ll be a large part of the job.

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Tux Rider Android Edition

Tux Rider – Android Edition, developed by Drodin, is a port of the popular linux game Tux Rider 3D. All you Tux the Penguin fans can now race down ski slopes, collecting fish, getting air and earning points while on your belly like a true penguin does. This game features great 3D graphics, fast paced action and like all things linux, is open source!

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Radiant Review

Radiant is the type of game that begs the question to be asked, is keeping things simple a bad idea? Sometimes it is, keeping things simple like taking a old formula and not adding a few ideas of your own, usually makes what would be a great game, terrible. Luckily for Radiant, that isn’t the case and in fact works in it’s favor.

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Flying Aces Open Source!

Flying Aces, developed by Sticky Coding, is an air traffic control style game where you control the flight paths of airplanes to ensure all of them land safely at the airport. This is a touch based game where you draw lines for the airplanes to follow and has been one of the more popular games of this genre for awhile and now…it’s gone open source!

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Space Challenge 3D

Space Challenge 3D, developed by Osaris Games, is a racing style game where you navigate your space ship, using the accelerometer, through different 3D levels within a certain amount of time using the accelerometer. Each ship that you can choose from has their pros and cons about them and there s no shortage of replay value for this game either.

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New Team Members!

Last week I posted our official announcement for positions needing to be filled here at Droid Gamers. The response was amazing! Shortly after making that post I had family arrive from out of town (hence the short gap in news recently) but I did go over all the applications sent in and I am please to announce the new members for Team DG.