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Colorix HD – It’s Raining Marbles!

It’s raining crystalline marbles! Colorix HD is your hi-res twist on the tried-and-true, “stuff falls from the sky” Tetris-type games, featuring gorgeous visuals and plenty of high-scoring combo options. If you’re fortunate enough to own a newfangled XVGA Android phone, Colorix HD will mesmerize you in short-order.

Game News

Mega Jump making the journey to Android this month

Mega Jump by Get Set Games is making the journey to Android from iOS. Having received 7.5 million downloads from the iOS version, this game is quite popular. Camel Games based their Hyper Jump game off of Mega Jump and everyone likes Hyper Jump! The goal behind the game, get your little creature as high as he can get while collecting coins!

Game News

NinJump from Backflip Studios bounces onto Android

Ninjump by Backflip Studios, the same company that brought you Paper Toss, has been ported over from the iPhone version and is now available on the Android Market. In Ninjump, you try to get as high as you can, jumping between two building and dodging all kinds of enemies and objects such as exploding bombs, other ninja, and killer squirrels.

Game News

ngmoco drops Pocket God onto Android

ngmoco:) today announced the first game they will be publishing on Android and although we were slightly off in our prediction as to what that game would be (we though it would be We Rule), it is still a pretty big title. Pocket God, developed by Bolt Creative, is a very popular game for iOS and it has now made the trip to Android.