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Square Enix developing Final Fantasy XIV: Realm Reborn companion app for Android

Square Enix has been beta testing their newest MMORPG in the Final Fantasy franchise for awhile now and with the game’s actual release people have been having their own issues with trying to get onto the servers to play. It’s a good problem for a company to have when that many people are trying to log into their game. Sucks for the players though until more server power is added.

Game News

Brick Force will finally be getting its mobile app sometime this year

You may remember the Minecraft style FPS game we were talking about early last year called Brick Force. Since the game’s release, it has undergone a lot of updates and has received added content to make it quite an enjoyable game to play on your PC. However, when we were talking about Brick Force, we were mentioning that it would be receiving a companion application for Android devices to use.

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Sony’s Playstation 4 event and the mobile side of things

Yesterday, as probably most of you are aware of, Sony held their Playstation event where the company announced their next console, the Playstation 4. The press conference, which seemed to last forever, also featured a lot of information on mobile aspects that the console will bring with its release. While most of it was focused on the PS Vita, there was some interesting news regarding Android smartphones and tablets as well.

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Paramount releases an official Star Trek companion app for upcoming movie

Paramount Digital Entertainment have released a new companion app for their upcoming Star Trek movie. Simply called the Star Trek App, this application will let you join Starfleet as one of the characters from the Star Trek universe and begin to work on rising them up in the ranks of Starfleet through various activities. You’ll also be treated to exclusive content regarding the upcoming movie that you can unlock and even win prizes.

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Call of Duty Elite app updated to support Black Ops II, includes live streaming.

Two days ago Call of Duty fans were finally able to get their hands on the next installment in the Call of Duty: Black Ops series of games, appropriately named Black Ops II. Well along with this new release of Black Ops II, Activision have updated their Call of Duty Elite service to support their new Black Ops II game and that also means that the Elite application has also been update.