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Hardware News

Amazon’s Fire TV Gaming Edition is current on sale for a cool $115

The closer it gets to Christmas, the less time people have to buy all the presents they need to get in time before the big day arrives. This is especially true for myself as I always seem to get behind on buying everyone’s presents until the last minute. If you are looking for a good deal on Amazon’s Fire TV Gaming Edition, whatever the reason may be for getting one, there is one going on right now.

Hardware News

Razer’s Serval game controller is now available for purchase on Google Store

Back in June 2015 Razer’s Forge TV bundle appeared on the Google Play store in the device section. The bundle came with the Forge TV unit as well as one Serval game controller as well for a singular price. However, if you needed a second controller, you would have to go elsewhere to buy it… until now. Razer now has the Serval controller on Google Play for sale on its own.

Hardware News

Nod Backspin is the ring-style controller virtual reality gamers will probably want

Nod Labs made headlines recently when the company secured $13.5 million in funding in order to continue developing, manufacturing, and eventually selling their Backspin controller. The reason for the interest in this peripheral is due to it not only being for VR headsets, mainly the Oculus Rift but any will work, but also due to its size, making it very portable, and so it can be used with Android devices.