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Devolver Digital will bring the power of farts to Android next year with Gassy Mob

Mobile games, and video games on all platforms for that matter, come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, looks, and themes. We’ve seen everything from a game about running your own cigarette company to flinging poop all over the place, anime dating sim games and everything in between. Devolver Digital has announced today that it will be bringing a fart-filled game to mobile soon called Gassy Mob, and it actually looks quite fun.


More Details Released About The Gods Will Be Watching Android Game

Deconstructeam is a game studio based in Valencia, Spain. Their project Gods Will Be Watching will be released for Android gamers soon. The art style is definitely retro, but the story line could be a page ripped from a not too distant future. The game is about the choices you make and how they impact the outcome of the game. It was created in just 72 hours during the Ludum Dare 26 game jam with ‘Minimalism’ as a theme. The implications of your in game choices will probably stick with you long after the ending credits.


To-Fu 2 arrives onto Google Play, bringing more To-Fu flinging action with it

It was only back in June of this year when Devolver Digital released To-Fu: The Trials of Chi onto Google Play. The rather unique puzzle platformer has since done quite well for itself, most likely to the unique style of gameplay that it comes with. Well Devolver Digital has now released a second part in the series, appropriately named To-Fu 2, bringing with it more elastic To-Fu flinging goodness with it.