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A list of all the Electronic Arts games on sale both on Google Play and Amazon

Electronic Arts is actually having quite the sale this holiday seasons and it goes much further than Need For Speed: Most Wanted and Contre Jour being only $0.99 for the holidays, while a lot of the free-to-play games EA has, such as TheSims and Theme Park, are having sales regarding in-game purchases. There also happens to be holiday themed items you can find in some of those games as well.

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Electronic Arts launches a dedicated widget for their EA Daily Deals

Based off of their Daily Deals website, Electronic Arts has developed and released a dedicated widget that will deliver up-to-the-minute listings of deals straight to the home screen on your Android device. When you launch the widget, you will have a scrolling list of deals that, when you click on the one you’re interested in, will take you right to the appropriate page so you can snap up a copy of that game quickly before the deal ends.

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The upcoming SimCity game for PC will be getting a mobile spin-off

Electronic Arts has been showing off over the past month or so the next installment into the SimCity series of games for PC which, if I may say, looks pretty damn impressive. As a SimCity fan, next year’s game looks to be the best one yet. It’s also no secret that Electronic Arts, along with other developers, have made it rather a well known fact that most upcoming games will feature some sort of mobile tie-in, whether it be just social aspects of the game, companion apps that also affect their PC/Console counter-parts, or complete mobile versions of their games.

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Need for Speed: Most Wanted Review – Amazing game hampered by performance issues

Cops hot on your tail. Spike strips deployed. Roadblocks erected. Traffic whizzing by. Nitro boost. All these would sound familiar to anyone that’s played a variant of the Need for Speed racing franchise before. The studio behind Need for Speed: Most Wanted for mobile devices – Firemonkeys – has built the game by keeping the core essence of its console and PC predecessors, but fine-tuned things so that it suits the mobile market.

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Electronic Arts announces that 13 titles will be available for the new Nexus line-up

While the general Android population enjoys, at least to some degree, pointing out Electronic Arts’ weird selection of supported devices whenever they launch a new game, the company themselves has decided to address the issue in a way that will make future Nexus owners fairly happy. EA has announced that 13 titles will be available when the new Nexus line-up launches on November 13th, 2012, which is pretty much their entire catalog of games on Android.

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Electronic Arts releases Theme Park, build that theme park you always wanted

Electronic Arts has released a new game onto the Google Play store and with all the Halloween news, whether it is a full Halloween themed game released or just an update, this game actually has nothing to do with scaring the the hell out of yourself or other people, at least when it comes to wearing costumes. You can still scare the hell out of people, albeit Sim people, in their new game Theme Park.

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Need for Speed: Most Wanted gets a great new live action trailer and a release date

One of the more anticipated racing games heading to Android soon is Electronic Arts’ Need for Speed: Most Wanted. This will be the newest addition to the series and Electronic Arts has already teased us with a couple of trailers that show in-game footage. Well now we have a live action trailer, which is rather funny, where we get to see a bunch of cars we wish we could afford to buy or at least drive. Along with that though we now have a more solid release date for when Need for Speed: Most Wanted will be arriving.