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BlazBlue RR from 91 Act brings epic arcade style fighting to Android

If you are a fan of old school arcade type fighting games, you may want to check out a game that has just arrived in the Google Play Store. 91 Act a game developer based in Sichuan, China, has released BlazBlue RR. The full title of the game is BlazBlue Revolution Reburning. If you enjoy fighting games, this game has been made to work on your mobile devices with accessible on-screen game mechanics, that will have you executing amazing martial arts moves in no time.


Game Review: MMA Federation from 360 Studios is available now in the Google Play Store

If you enjoy watching MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighting, then 360 Studios has a new game that you may be interested in. MMA Federation is now available to download in the Google Play Store. We had an opportunity to play this one a bit before the actual release today. The game is intriguing. I say intriguing, because I did not realize that the game would be turn-based fighting. It adds a completely different level of strategy to your gameplay. No button mashing will take place in this one, at least not in the way you think. 


Mech Mobile brings Puppet Punch to Android

Mech Mocha Game Studios, in collaboration wtih Kedoo Entertainment, has released Puppet Punch into the Google Play Store. Puppet Punch stars a likable character named Pablo, who is beleaguered by puppets trying to attack him. Pablo puts on his gloves and punches away, making this a quick, frantic and enjoyable arcade game.


[Game Review] Fatal Fight Delivers a Mighty Blow to the Genre of Fighting Games on Android

With a flutter, Neo’s eyes pop open. He says, “I know Kung-Fu!” Morpheus peers at him intently and responds, “Show me.” Thus begins one of the more popular fight sequences in recent movie history, taken from the film, The Matrix. Out of the Republic of Azerbaijan, twenty-six year old game creator, Toghrul Samadov had an idea for a fighting game for mobile devices. He and his team have created Fatal Fight, and it delivers a mighty blow to the fighting genre with a simple game play mechanic.


[UPDATED] The Taekwondo Game: Global Tournament is Coming to Android Soon

Hello There is a developer based in Gothenburg, Sweden. They focus on developing games for entertainment, but also produce animated commercials, games for training, marketing and providing creative consultation. Luckily for Android users, they have also produced some pretty good games in the Play Store, such as Save a Rhino, Avicii/Gravity, Find a Way Soccer and Khaba. Their latest release, will have you kicking, punching and blocking people, even if they play their games on an iOS device. The Taekwondo Game: Global Tournament, has been soft launched in Sweden and Canada, but the game is coming to Android soon.


Coming Soon to Android: Smash Champs from Kiloo Games

Kiloo Games will be unleashing their latest project, Smash Champs, upon the gaming community in October. Based in Denmark, Kiloo Games has created the wildly popular Subway Surfers, Frisbee Forever, Frisbee Forever 2 and Bullet Time HD, which unfortunately, is only on iOS. Subway Surfers continues to be beloved by many, and continues to be updated by Kiloo with new free game content. This is impressive considering how long the game has been out. With Smash Champs, Kiloo is moving away from the endless runner genre, but based on the little we have seen, they will continue their successful track record.