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Amazon’s Fire TV Gaming Edition is current on sale for a cool $115

The closer it gets to Christmas, the less time people have to buy all the presents they need to get in time before the big day arrives. This is especially true for myself as I always seem to get behind on buying everyone’s presents until the last minute. If you are looking for a good deal on Amazon’s Fire TV Gaming Edition, whatever the reason may be for getting one, there is one going on right now.


Mod Junkiez will soon be offering up hydro dipped custom Ouya controllers and possibly more

While some of you are already enjoying your shiny new Android-powered Ouya game consoles, and others happen to still be waiting for theirs to arrive, Mod Junkiez have gotten their hands on their own Ouya unit but it isn’t just for playing on. The company will also be developing new custom styles for the Ouya controllers, just as they do with other consoles like the Xbox 360 and PS3.


Green Throttle to pay developers commission for selling their controllers

Green Throttle has come up with a rather interesting plan to help promote and sell their controller system that essentially turns your Android device into a console where you can play multiplayer games with friends in person using two controllers and your Android phone or tablet. The company is offering up an affiliate program for indie developers to sign-up for where they will get paid commission should someone buy a controller through a developer.