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Mad Catz reveals a refreshed model of their S.U.R.F.r game controller for Samsung’s flagship phones

Back in January Mad Catz announced that they had become part of the Designed for Samsung program. As you are probably guessing, this program is all about designing peripherals and other devices for use with Samsung products, and in the case of Mad Catz, this is mainly game controllers. While at MWC 2016, Mad Catz unveiled a refreshed version of their S.U.R.F.r game controller and mobile keypad designed specifically for Samsung’s new flagship phones, the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge.

Hardware News

Samsung’s GamePad is now an official thing, available in Europe only for right now

Samsung has officially made their game controller for their phones a thing now, releasing it to market already in Europe while everywhere else in the world will be able to buy it soon. Of course that is if you don’t already own a MOGA controller, or a SteelSeries one, or a Nyko controller, or any number of ones already available and useable with pretty much any Android device.

Hardware News

Have an old Game Boy laying around? Convert it into an Android gamepad

Who doesn’t love a good DIY project that you can undertake with little more than old stuff you might have laying around the house? For those of you who have been mobile gaming since the days of the original Game Boy and now have jumped to Android in this more recent era, this little project might be right up your alley if you still have that old Game Boy sitting around the house.

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The MOGA mobile gaming controller gets some big retail backing, pre-orders now open

There are a couple of new mobile gaming controllers gearing up to hit store shelves real soon that we are eager to get our grubby little hands on to try out and play games with. There is the SteelSeries Free wireless game controller, previously known as the SteelSeries ION, which is now available as of October 2nd, 2012 and then there is the rather interesting MOGA controller. Slated to ht store shelves this month, PowerA have announced today that the MOGA controller has some serious retail backing and will be available in some rather big name stores.

Hardware News

Samsung Galaxy S III connectivity demo showing off connecting an Xbox controller, PS3 controller and more

Our friends over at AndroidNZ have put together quite the thorough video showing off all the connectivity features that you can do with the new Samsung Galaxy S III phone. While some of it is pretty standard, when it comes to gaming they also show off connecting an Xbox controller, PS3 controller and running FPSe, a bluetooth keyboard and more.