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Game News

[Updated] Amazon had Double Fine’s The Cave for free. Lazy 8’s Cogs is still available for free though.

Amazon has a couple of games available for free today that you might want to pick up when you get a minute. Actually scratch that, you’ll want to pick either, or both, of these games up if you have access to Amazon’s AppStore. While the main one we are talking about is Double Fine Production’s The Cave, the challenging puzzle game Cogs from Lazy 8 Studios is also available for free as Amazon’s free game of the day.

Hardware News

Amazon’s Kindle Fire apparently most popular Android tablet for gaming

A survey that was just conducted has come up with some interesting results which point to Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet as being the most popular tablet to play Android games on. While it wasn’t the biggest survey on the planet with only 1,117 people taking it, the results are still pretty interesting considering the Kindle Fire came out on top as the most used for mobile gaming on tablets.