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Exiles Game Review: Sadly falling short

Exiles: Far Colony is the latest game from Crescent Moon games, also made games that you might have played like Neon Shadow, Mines of Mars, and the Ravensword. Like Ravensword before it, Exiles is an open world Action/RPG, only its the SciFi counterpart to Ravensword’s fantasy theme. While the undertaking is ambitious and full of potential, the game falls short of what appears to be Crescent Moon’s intent.

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Ninjevade Game Review: A simple yet very challenging time killer with ninjas

Thanks to games like Flappy Birds there has been quite the movement of games that are simple to play but extremely challenging to survive for long periods of time in. Whether it be you trying to keep a bird flying through obstacles for as long as possible or some other method of movement through hazards and dying relentlessly whenever you touch one, these games do make for great time killers and are usually pretty enjoyable to play.

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Alien Breed Review: A fun look back at a 90s top down shooter

Alien Breed is a simple, top down shooter that was released on a couple of desktop computing platforms in the early 1990s. Its visual style looks like it is cribbed off of the movie franchise of Alien, at least in the appearance of the hostile life forms that players frequently encounter. Alien Breed includes both the original release and subsequent releases in their original graphics, as well as a remake of the same levels with up-scaled graphics.

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The Wolf Among Us: Episode 1 Review [Spoiler-Free]

TellTale Games lives up to its namesake, having become synonymous with high quality storytelling in the video game medium. After gaining industry recognition and commercial success with their breakout hit, The Walking Dead, TellTale was faced with a tough act to follow. With the release of The Wolf Among Us, many gamers have asked whether or not this game lives up to its predecessor. Be curious no longer as I dive into a spoiler-free review the first episode of The Wolf Among Us.

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Wave Wave Review: The Pain, The Glorious Pain!

While I normally write much longer format reviews Wave Wave is a game that you’ll either throw aside in frustration within the first few minutes (perhaps seconds for some) or you’ll be hopelessly hooked on it with a fierce passion. Much like Super Hexagon, Super Meat Boy, or other titles designed for the masochistic perfectionist gamers (like me) out there, Wave Wave is simple as can be to control and understand.

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The Retro Brilliance of Mage Gauntlet & Wayward Souls

It’s good to have a breath of fresh air- especially when it tastes like the mold, mildew and dry bones forgotten in an abysmal dungeon teeming with uncertainty. When executed properly these dark and oppressive gaming environments can be a true ray of light to the seasoned digital adventurer. Rocketcat‘s most recent Android offerings cannot be relegated to a single category, Wayward Souls and Mage Gauntlet incorporate numerous aspects spanning multiple genres. To the relief of the more stalwart gaming crowd on Android, these action/rpg mash ups are crafted with love and high quality in mind. Both of these two games stand tall and stand alone in boasting a full premium experience without a monotonous grind or dangling the infamous iap carrot stick in front of your nose. In fact, neither have a single iap once the game is purchased, and the apps are well tended to with free updates that at times include new content.