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Wind Runner Review: Endless Runner, Endless Entertainment

Endless running games, much like the genre itself, seem to continue being made with no end in sight. While there has been a definite upsurge in the genre over the last couple of years, with titles such as Temple Run and Subway Surfers blazing the trail, many of the games come across as mere clones. Often utilizing similar mechanics and an aggressive cash shop, the genre seemed as if the only place it was running – was the ground. Enter Wind Runner, a side scrolling endless runner with a pretty face, made by WeMade Entertainment.

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Anodyne Review: A Retro Action-RPG that made a great jump from PC to Android

Anodyne is a single-player, top-down, Action-RPG for the Android platform. I’m quite fond of this style of game as it recalls memories of playing the older Legend of Zelda titles from my childhood, where you go off adventuring through strange lands and find helpful items and interesting characters to chat with along the way. While Anodyne has these features and they really make this game an enjoyable experience to play all the way through, it also has a look and feel that is very distinct from other Action-RPGs, and is quite unique to itself.

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Swordigo Review: The Return of the Platformer is Finally Here

With devices nowadays becoming more and more powerful, good platformer games are harder to come by. Platformer games in the mobile segment often offer too little to get gamers hooked. It is understandable as fully-rendered 3D adventure games often offer more customization and content altogether thus increasing expectations, even for 2D platformers. Swordigo is a mobile platformer that does not fall into the same pit that most games of this genre do. The guys over at Touch Foo outdid themselves on this one as Swordigo follows the side-scrolling genre while implementing the same elements of surprise and puzzle solving reminiscent of classic platformers like the Mega Man and Tomba! series.

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New Polarbit Game Now Avilable!

Polarbit are known for their great 3D games for Android which including Raging Thunder 1 and 2, Toon Warz, and Fuzzies. Their latest release, with partner Fabrication Games, breaks away from their standard action 3D game mold and brings a puzzle game to Android instead. This is a matching 3 (or more) of the same object puzzle game with a pirate theme.

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Hometown GP – A 3D real world browser game

This is literally one of the crazier projects I’ve come across in a long time in gaming. Question: What do you get when you combine Flash Player, Unity3D, Google Maps? A browser based wicked looking Flash game that uses real world maps/locations. Throw an Android phone into the mix and now you have portable F1 3D racing in any real city.

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Playstation Job Posting – Android Experience?!

I don’t know what it is today with the job posting articles and perhaps I’m going out on a limb here even posting this simply due to the implications and possible hypothetical reasons this would be included in a job listing with Sony Playstation. A job posting over at Sony Playstation for a Senior Sever Engineer is up and skimming through it I found something interesting.

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Castle Warriors – A Slick Looking RTS Game

There isn’t a whole lot in the way of RTS games for Android right now and even out of the ones available, even fewer are actually good. Off the top of my head I can only think of 3 good ones. Looks like I might be adding a forth one to that list thanks to GameResort’s slick looking RTS game called Castle Warriors which recently arrived onto the Android market.

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Guns’N’Glory by HandyGames Review

Do you love tower defense games? If you do then Guns’n’Glory is definitely a game you should pick up. This game is tower defense from a Wild, Wild West perspective. Settlers are moving into your turf and they are brining money with them. So it’s your job to liberate them of that heavy burden and to use the money you “earn” to increase the size of your gang.