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[UPDATE: Game Released] Order & Chaos 2: Redemption will be landing on mobile devices next week. Here’s a longer look at some gameplay.

So far we haven’t had much in the way of details regarding the release date for Gameloft’s upcoming sequel to their popular MMORPG Order & Chaos. In case you haven’t been following the development of this sequel, this new MMORPG is called Order & Chaos 2: Redemption and will feature a lot of new goodies for players to enjoy.

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Gameloft is teasing a third upcoming game but what exactly is it?

Gameloft is on a roll with new releases lately. We all know that the crowd is very excited about the upcoming Modern Combat 5: Blackout but there is more to come. Rival Knights was also recently revealed as a new jousting game, presented with some well put together trailers, but now we have a third game creeping its way into the “coming soon” lists, however nothing is really known about it.

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Gameloft shows off the upcoming Heroes of Order & Chaos MOBA update with new video

The other day we talked about a rather large content update that will be making its way to Android soon for Gameloft’s MOBA title Heroes of Order & Chaos. The update has since been pushed out for iOS players already so the Android version should be arriving any day now. In the meantime, Gameloft has released a video going over some of the new features and content that this update brings.