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A quick guide for the new Shield game releases and for which devices they support

With the official launch of the Shield Android TV console, there has also been a few new games to be released alongside the console’s launch. However, not all of these new games are specifically for the Shield Console. Some of these titles are also for the Shield tablet, and there are even a few for all three Shield branded devices. Some of these games people have been waiting to play on their Shield Tablets and now that they are available, during the launch of the Shield Console, you might not be aware that you can play them on your tablet.

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Participate in the Battle of Waterloo in 1815 Cannon Shooter Waterloo

Cannon Shooter is a franchise of games, released by Onteca, that focuses on allowing players to operate a cannon in a historic war, that is being fought by toy soldiers. Previous games have been set in Gettysburg, as well as the American Civil War. The latest entry into  the Cannon Shooter series is 1815 Cannon Shooter Waterloo, and set within the eponymous battle of Waterloo.

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Rovio announces Angry Birds Fight! with two unusual trailers featuring Sumo Wrestlers and strange children

So Rovio has announced a new Angry Birds game that will be heading our way soon called Angry Birds Fight! and what better way to announce a new Angry Birds game then with Sumo Wrestlers and strange children right? Right. If you think this is a head-to-head brawler featuring the Angry Birds, which actually would be kind of cool, then we are here to tell you that it isn’t.

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Bridge Constructor updated with some love for Easter with the addition of Easter Islands

Bridge Constructor has received an update that brings the joys of Easter to the game with the Easter Islands update. Not only are the Easter Islands now available, but the Easter Bunny has made an appearance as well. In fact you’ll need to make sure your bridges are sturdy in order to make sure the carts of Easter Eggs and the bunny himself make it across safely.

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The Wonderful World of Disney Android Apps and Games

During the doldrums of winter, there is nothing better than taking a vacation to a warmer place. While I don’t have the luxury of traveling during the winter, Summer beckons along with a yet to be fully planned trip to a Disney resort. In the meantime Disney fans/geeks like me have to find ways to keep the magic alive. Of course I will always recommend some quality Disney gaming.