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Coming this winter: Zeptolab’s newest Cut the Rope game called Cut the Rope: Magic

Om Nom, the little green monster that was made famous in the Cut the Ripe series, is back for more candy chomping in the next iteration of the Cut the Rope franchise, called Cut the Rope: Magic. For the uninitiated, this franchise is a physics based puzzler where players face increasingly difficult levels, where they attempt to feed a very hungry Om Nom a piece of candy that is suspended by one or more ropes.

Game News

Disney has retired a slew of mobile games including Monkey Island and more

Today Disney has confirmed a huge list of mobile games the company is retiring. Before everyone gets worried though, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they are going to be pulled for Google Play (or other markets for that matter) and won’t be downloadable. What this does mean is that development won’t be continuing for these particular titles. This means no future updates or support for the retired games.

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[Update: Released] Rejoice ye Angry Birds fans! Rovio shall be bringing us thy sequel you’ve always wanted: Angry Birds 2

So Rovio has announced that an official sequel to Angry Birds will be arriving at the end of this month. That’s right Angry Bird fans, you will soon be able to download Angry Birds 2 on July 30th. The announcement originally came via a Tweet (followed by an official blog post) from the official Angry Birds account with a statement of “Bigger. Badder. Birdier. July 30th”. Accompanying the statement was a giant number 2 image with a very angry looking red bird inside the two.

Game News

[Update: Released] FireWhip arrives tonight at midnight, lets you destroy things with a flaming whip

FireWhip is an upcoming arcade game with physics-based gameplay layered over it. This game was developed by Dan FitzGerald who may or may not seem familiar. If it does, then you might recognize the name from another one of his games we reported on last year called Dawn of the Plow. FireWhip has been a little side project of his and it is now finally on its way to Google Play tomorrow.