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PSA: Avoid downloading anything from a developer named ‘apkdeveloper’

From time to time some ass hat has to go ripping off other peoples work in order to further their idiotic attempt at infecting as many Android devices with malware as they can. It is one of the drawbacks we have to deal with once in awhile with having an open market place and usually things are pretty decent. A newly found developer going by the name of ‘apkdeveloper’ however who is trying to do exactly that.

Game News

The new Hello Kitty Coffee game has some strange permission requests

When a game is released onto Google Play a lot of people check the permissions of the game to make sure it is legit and doesn’t pose any sort of security risk. A new official Hello Kitty game by Gamezen has just been released and whether or not this game is the best thing since sliced bread, reading the permissions list is like reading a manual into how not to release a game with a plethora of unneeded permissions.