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Game News

Slay the Dark Dragon and restore healing light to the land in Dark Sword, now out for Android

Released by NANOO COMPANY, Dark Sword is a new, 2D Hack-N-Slash that’s been released on Android. In this game, players will assume the role of nameless hero tasked with restoring light to the land. A Dark Dragon has closed the gateway of the sun, plunging the land into perpetual darkness, and warping its inhabitants into hideous creatures of the night.

Game News

Quickboy is a side-scrolling platformer from NetMarble that will be arriving next month

NetMarble has announced that they will be releasing a new side-scrolling platformer called Quickboy onto Android next month. This game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world with a steampunk theme to it as you take on the role of Tommy Hawk who needs to find his brother as well as save the world. We’ve contacted Tony Hawk to see if there is any relation between him and Tommy.

Game Reviews

Review: Oscura: Second Shadow. A simple, silhouetted side-scroller

Back before it was trendy, bordering on trite, for games to feature a silhouetted foreground with a colorful background, Oscura was a side-scrolling game that featured that design.  While the original didn’t garner much attention (it’s sitting at 50,000+ downloads despite being a worthwhile play that’s been around for ~3 years), a sequel has been released called Oscura 2: Second Shadow