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Hunt, fight, and upgrade your skills in The Wolf, now available from Google Play

Released by Swift Apps LTD, The Wolf is an online simulator that’s been released on to Android. In this game, players will assume the eponymous role of a wolf, and work their way through the open world. At the game’s opening, players will be able to both select which subspecies they’d like to appear as, and also customize the stats and skills of said wolf that they plan to use, which includes Health, Defense, Attack, and Speed for its Attributes, and a trio of skill trees that cover the following categories: Basic (pumps to attack, health regen, etc), Aura (boosts to attack and crit, as well as regen after death), and Special (icy spikes, venemous skin, and so on).

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The Christmas Android Game Sale Round-Up: Lots and lots of Android games on sale this holiday season

Usually we do our weekly round-up of Android games on sale each Friday, but while this week’s list is on a Friday, it is probably the biggest list of Android games on sale that we have seen in some time. It’s even bigger than last year’s list, or looks like it is. This list contains all the games on sale right now for a limited time, not including the previous articles earlier this week on other games going on sale. Those, however, will still be linked in here for easier access.

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Moe! Ninja Girls released on Google Play

NTT Solmore Corp, known and praised for their various dating sims released on Facebook, Mobile and PC, and for their biggest hit “Shall we date?”, have launched their latest title, Moe! Ninja Girls, on Google Play Store, which unsurprisingly happens to also be a dating sim with branching story paths and multiple endings.

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Manage a generational succesion of heroes in Hero Generations ReGen, now available from Google Play

After this game was released on the Ouya early last year, Hero Generations is now available for all of Android, but under the new name of Hero Generations ReGen. This is a game that crosses roguelike elements with your typical 4X strategy. The gameplay is turn-based, with each turn taking one year’s time in the lift of your heroes. Each of the characters will age that year, and part of the game will include players attempting to marry off their characters, and leveling up their progeny.