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Defend your kingdom from invading slimes in Legends TD – None Shall Pass, now available for download

Released by Babeltime US, Legends TD – None Shall Pass! is a tower defense game currently available for Android. In this game, players will assume the role of an unnamed captain, who’s been charged with stopping the invasion of the slimes into the kingdom. As one might expect with this genre, that entails preserving the kingdom’s control of important roads and passes.

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Help Sour Patch Kids fight off an invasion from evil candy in Sour Patch Kids: Candy Defense

As is common among gaming these days, often times new releases tend to pull from other IPs. In this case, there’s a new game out that’s themed around the candy known as Sour Patch Kids. This is a classic Tower Defense game, based around the idea of the Sour Patch Kids having stolen some golden artifacts from some evil Gummy Bears (and related/aligned Gummy creatures).

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Gamer Gripe Corner: Customer Service is as important as the game you develop Elex

We are going to be starting a new series of articles, it’ll be a weekly series, where Android gamers will be able to write in to us expressing their gripes and complaints towards a particular game, developer, or just something about the industry that has them bothered or angry. It’ll be a pretty raw series of articles, where you’re free to express your thoughts about something without the worry of any censorship or anything like that.

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Android Game Sale Round-Up: Nvidia Game Sale, Rockstar Games, Kingdom Rush and much more

It’s the end of the week which means it is time once again for a round-up of all the Android games on sale right now over on Google Play. This week there is actually quite a lot of games on sale from a number of developers, a lot of which are discounted quite heavily. So now is a pretty good time to pick up any of these titles that you may not have but been wanting to get.

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Stave off the extinction of the dinosaurs in Dino Bash, now released globally on Google Play

Released by Game Alliance, Dino Bash is a tug-of-war style game that’s finally been released globally. This idea of this game is fairly straightforward. Dinosaurs are looking to protect their eggs, which apparently contains the “chosen one”, from the hungry cavemen nearby. The cavemen come in waves, similar to what one would see in a Plants vs Zombies format, but players will be using the dinosaurs in a much different fashion.