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Beach Buggy Blitz Review – Forget endless runners, here’s an endless racer

Vector Unit are no strangers to the Android gaming world. They have had two hit games previously, namely the graphically-awesome Riptide GP and the moonshine-smuggling Shine Runner. Now, they’ve got a third game added to their arsenal, Beach Buggy Blitz. Racing a buggy on a beach (yes, they still haven’t completely left the water) sounds awesome, but how does it turn out actually?

Game Reviews

Shine Runner Review: Vector Unit Makes Waves Once Again

Vector Unit’s second outing on the Android platform returns to the familiar water racing genre similar to their first hit, Riptide GP that first made splashes on Tegra 2 devices. Leaving behind water tracks in favor of a southern swamps and jet skis for fan boat, Shine Runner’s unique humor and arcade game play is great addition to the racing scene. Is it enough for you to put your swimming trunks on and anchor $1.99?