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Zynga reveals Solstice Arena, an new MOBA game heading our way soon

Zynga has been doing some soft launches of a few games lately and while this isn’t another soft launch, it is a game that will most likely see one at first before it gets fully released. Zynga is entering the world of MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) style games and Solstice Arena will be their debut MOBA title which will be arriving onto multiple platforms in the near future.

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[Updated] First images released of Zynga’s upcoming Action-RPG called Battlestone

Zynga has an interesting and rather good looking game on the way that is a bit out of the box for them. This is due to Zynga buying out a game studio going by the name of November Software not too long ago which was basically a four-man studio. The game they were working on was probably what caught Zynga’s interest, mainly because Zynga deals mostly with social and casual games, not Action-RPG titles.

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Eden to Green hits Google Play but in closed beta phase

Earlier in 2012 we started talking about a rather entertaining game called Eden to GREEEEN from iNiS Corp. which was heading to Tegra-based Android devices. Back then we also got to sit down during GDC 2012 and get some hands-on time with the game and it was certainly quite a fun game even though we only had a short time with it. It also seems that instead of publishing the game themselves, iNiS Corp. has let Zynga publish Eden to Green onto Google Play instead.

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Zynga brings two card battle games from Japan to the west: Montopia and Avakashi Ghost Guild

In a move to directly compete with GREE who happens to be currently dominating the TCG / Card Battle gaming genre on Android here in the west and in Europe, Zynga has decided to import two of their card battling games over to the rest of the world from their Japan division. Yes, that means two more TCG titles to play and attempt to keep track of while playing the other 50 installed on your device.