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Well after taking two days off for Easter it’s time to dive right back into things and what better way to do that then to showcase some updates to some big gaming titles. We also got some major announcements to make today although I’ll save that for a post a little later. For now though, these games just got updates so if you have them, go get your updates!

Pocket Empires – Just released an update to the fighting system. What exactly was fixed I’m unsure of in regards to the fighting system as the change log just says ‘fighting problem’. Other fixed issues:

* FIX: frequent crash problem
* FIX: map error when select mark from city
* FIX: some views are not displayed well in landscape mode.
* ADD: A sound switch on loading screen to disable music & sound
* ADD: Option menu to delete reports & mails

Blastosis: Invasion – Major update to this game including game assets now being stored onto the SD to save internal phone space. Other updates to the game include:

* All game related assets now stored on the SD card – game main memory footprint is now only 1.1 megs
* New launcher
* Early DPad support – I still don’t think this is the ideal way to play the game, but someone requested this feature – so here you go
* FULL version is now just a key to unlock the LITE version.

Replica Island – Everyone’s favorite game just got an update to fix some crash problems.

* FIX: Tilt Sensitivity crash on Samsung Moment
* FIX: Other crash fixes
* Key Configuration

Cosmix – A lot of fixes were just released for this great game (which we are also writing about today).

* FIX: Tail issue
* FIX: Losing worm on trackball press
* Enemies are slowed down a bit
* Mute Button Added

GrandMasterPixel – Just a minor update for this game.

* Pics get +1 HP / 10 wins, +1 HP for deathblows

Soldier of Fortune – Although not a big title release, this is actually a fairly popular game. We also have a walkthrough posted should you need it.

* Native sound for a performance boost
* Nav Modes: kbd, swipe & accelerometer
* Cheats for health, guns & fly (If anyone knows the cheats let us know!)

There have also been a few other updates of popular titles, namely from Camel Games (Papa Stacker & Flight Director). Smartpix Games also update Devilry Huntress with some ‘minor updates’ and lastly the online multiplayer version of the popular Age of Conquest games now has subscription purchases available through the market.

I’m sure I missed a couple of other updates to bigger titles but that’s only because I don’t still have them installed on my phone. So lots of updating to do, get at it!

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