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Game News

Sanuk Games brings Bombing Bastards from Steam over to Android TV and the Nvidia Shield

Sanuk Games originally released Bombing Bastard onto Steam and the Wii U not too long ago and it has done pretty decently for itself on those two platforms. However in order to bring bombing madness to the masses, Sanuk Games has finishing developing an Android version of their game and have released it onto Google Play for Android TV and the Nvidia Shield brand of devices.

Game News

Madfinger Games has a little St. Patrick’s Day sale for a couple of their classic titles, both updated with Android TV support as well

Madfinger Games has decided to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by hosting a sale on some of their classic games on Google Play. On top of that, both of their classic games that are going on sale have also been updated today with improved optimization and performance on newer Android devices as well as Android TV support.

Hardware News

[GDC 2015] Nvidia announces the Shield Android TV console. It’s a singular device for in-home entertainment and gaming

Nvidia held their big press event at GDC 2015 and the company had been hinting at a big announcement, stating it was five years in the making. Everyone had their guesses as to what this would be, with a lot of people pointing to VR as being the announcement. We actually guessed it would be a console in a previous article. When the event began, the CEO of Nvidia Jen-Hsun Huang, came out and told everyone right away that he had three things to announce: a new revolutionary TV, a new super computer, and a new console. Turns out, it wasn’t three devices, it was just one.

Game News

Gameloft announces that 10 of their games are ready for Android TV

If you haven’t had enough Android TV game announcements then there is some good news for you, we have more! In all seriousness, whenever there is a new Android device that aims to be quite popular, developers always rush to announce their currents games getting updated with compatibility, which is a good thing of course. Gameloft is usually one of the first companies to make these announcements each time and the Nexus Player is no exception.

Game News

Android TV is Google’s newest journey into your living room

Yesterday Google announced and previewed a new product called Android TV. Android TV is coming soon, both in set top box form, as well natively integrated in television sets. Among its other features like search and voice input, it is also capable of playing games. Google mentioned that this isn’t a new platform, so much as they’re now going to give televisions the same level of attention as phones and tablets, and there should now be a single SDK for all form factors, including TVs. This should allow developers to create games that play on Android TV with relative ease.