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Vector Unit shows off the Hydro Jets in Riptide GP 2. Offers up a chance to win prizes too.

Vector Unit’s upcoming sequel to their awesome water racing game Riptide GP will be making its way to our devices soon when the game finally gets officially released. We’ve covered some early details, screenshots and video of Riptide GP 2 already, even being played on an Nvidia Shield. Well now the folks over at Vector Unit want to show off all the new Hydro Jets you will soon be able to use while racing on water.

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Create a game using GameSalad and enter it for a chance to win $25,000

Developers and people who want to be developers now have a chance at scoring a cool $25,000 simply by creating a game that deals with the end of the world. It could be anything you want such as rampaging unicorns, angry squirrels or exploding donuts, it really doesn’t matter. Right now all you need to do is create enough gameplay to film a one minute video which showcases your destructive creation.

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Whispering Willows and 21 other games chosen as OUYA CREATE Finalists

The 10-day developer challenge from Kill Screen called OUYA CREATE has come to a close with 22 games in total being selected as finalists in a variety of categories, all of which have rather interesting names. Some of these games are pretty solid and we’ve even talked about a couple of them recently including Whispering Willows, a horror-themed adventure puzzle game that will also be coming to Android.